Nature Trails – Pond

Indian River Reptile Zoo Nature Trail

Nestled on 44 acres of land 16 km east of Peterborough, Ontario- the Indian River Reptile Zoo is proud to boast a beautiful nature trail on its grounds.

While more and more gravel is used in the construction of our ever present roadways- Eskers are becoming very uncommon in the world today. Eskers are just that- ridges formed of gravel which were left behind by the last retreating glacier over ten thousand years ago. The famous Norwood Esker, preserved as green space on our grounds, offers our visitors a view of this unique landscape. If you are lucky- you might get a glimpse of the plentiful species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects or even mammals which call our zoo home.

As of 2012, we have added a nature pond at the far corner of our trail to provide wetland habitat to the wildlife around us. Come and see the pond as our native biodiversity takes hold and naturally establishes a new ecosystem!

*****PLEASE NOTE***** The Indian River Reptile Zoo’s beautiful nature trail is very steep and requires proper footwear and good health to enjoy. It is not supervised and visitors must walk it at their own risk.

Experience our nature trail through old growth forest.

Choose between 1km or 3km trails.

Discover the beauty of forest and field. Identify the various native flora and fauna.

The Indian River Reptile Zoo’s green spaces and nature trails are a great experience for all ages!

Click below to view a map of our trails


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